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Framing Tips

Here are some brief pointers to assist you with framing your artwork.

Photo of the reverse of a glazed frame with tape Photo of the reverse of an unglazed frame without tape
The reverse of a glazed frame The reverse of an unglazed frame
A large view of a d_ring to use as a hanging device on the reverse of a picture frame.
A D-ring

Glazed paintings/prints should have their backing boards both pinned and taped to secure the glass and to avoid dust and dirt coming into contact with the artwork.

Unglazed paintings only need to be pinned on the back.

D-rings are the best way to secure your cord as they lie flat on the reverse of the frame and will not damage other artwork or cause injuries.

You can purchase D-rings from Simonart, 122-150 Hackney Road, London E2 7QS, Tel: 020 7739 3744 and online from UK Picture Framing Supplies.